Terms of Sale


The terms and conditions of this document supersede the terms and conditions of any purchase order made by Buyer for Seller’s products unless expressly agreed to by Seller.


Seller’s terms of payment are Net 30 days. Any invoiced amount remaining unpaid after thirty (30) days, unless disputed in good faith, shall be deemed past due. Past due balances are subject to a service charge of one percent (1%) per month.

Any discrepancy between any order placed under this agreement and Seller’s corresponding shipment(s), including damages, must be reported within fifteen (15) days of receipt of product. The only exception being for price discrepancies that must be reported to Seller for resolution within thirty (30) days of receipt of product. Seller shall have no obligation to resolve, and Buyer holds Seller harmless and waives any rights to any discrepancy or to issue any credit or refund, or to replace any goods, if claim therefore is not made within said applicable fifteen (15) or thirty (30) day period.

Shipment, Risk of Loss, and Title

Products will be shipped FOB Destination. The cost of shipment has been paid by Seller and added to the corresponding invoice unless buyer provides a shipping account to charge. Seller shall have the right to ship the Products via a carrier selected by Seller. Seller is not responsible for any duty or customs fees and Buyer may be invoiced separately for these charges. Seller currently ships to the US and Canada. If you are outside of these regions and are interested in ordering our products, please contact us.

Upon signature of receipt, damage to goods becomes the responsibility of the Buyer. All goods must be inspected prior to disposing of packaging materials. Damaged goods must be reported to Seller immediately upon receipt with all packing materials still in Buyer’s possession. Fifteen (15) days after product receipt damaged goods become solely Buyer’s responsibility.

Return Goods Policy

All returns must be authorized by Seller. All returned products must be in original packaging and in resalable condition, unless products are not in original packaging or resalable condition due to the fault of the Seller. The amount of credit on any return is based upon the following:

  • Products shipped in error by Seller and nonconforming Products – FULL credit if returned within thirty (30) days;
  • Products that are authorized by Seller for return are subject to a restocking fee of 20%, plus any original freight costs as well as additional costs incurred in returning the products.
  • Products returned that are no longer in resalable condition either due to use of product or improper packaging for safe return – NO credit
  • Products that have come into contact with body fluids are NOT returnable


Taxes will be invoiced and collected from Buyers in Wisconsin that are not tax exempt. Tax exempt certificates must be provided upon request otherwise taxes will be invoiced to Wisconsin Buyers. For all other states the Buyer is responsible for paying any taxes that are due.

Dispute Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The parties hereto irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State and Federal Courts of the State of Wisconsin for resolution of any dispute to or arising out of this Agreement. Acceptance by Customer of the Products shall constitute acceptance of all of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.